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Consultancy & Projects

KC’s Realty Consulting Group Pty Ltd, t/as KC's Realty, comprehends that clients are regularly under pressure to focus on strategic initiatives or process improvements while fighting fires in everyday operations.

Clients need consultants that can manage and deliver a project on time while leveraging their available resources for maximum value. We have a commitment to follow-through while leading and motivating our team to move quickly from strategy to analysis to recommendations to workable implementation plans.

Many of our Consultancies and Projects move from strategy to analysis to solutions with implementation assistance when the deal makes sense for the client. These include assisting in securing professional staff, delivering staff training opportunities, sourcing and implementing accurate accounting systems, ensuring all legislative requirements are met and auditable, and deliver relevant up to date reports to all staff and clients.

We will listen, review, welcome your input, suggest and deliver strategic resolutions to achieve the best marketable value, for the sale or purchase of your most valuable portfolio Asset/s.

Whether it is selling, land development or purchasing Residential, Commercial/Industrial, Business ie. Real Estate Agency/Office/Café, we will work to ensure we negotiate and understand the needs and concerns of all parties then provide assistance (where required), co-ordinate and facilitate all parties through each transaction, therefore retaining clients as our "Customers for Life".

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