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At KC's Realty, our mission is to assist Residential, Commercial and or Business owners, investors and developers in maximizing the value of their real estate assets.

Also, our Real Estate Dispute Resolution service provides Mediators to facilitate communication, to promote understanding, assist parties to identify their needs and interests, and use creative problem solving techniques to enable parties to reach their own agreements.

We recognise the cost of doing business is increasing and so are the demands for growth and profit. A need to deliver strategic resolutions in running a successful and profitable Investment Property Portfolio is vital.

Whether the thought of building an investment property portfolio, opening or sustaining a current real estate agency, or developing land assets, we will work closely with all our clients to provide a variety of services to achieve those dreams.

Due to the downturn from Overseas Investors, Property Developers in Victoria are now opening their own Property Management Departments. KC’s Realty can assist, via a Consultancy, to achieve this dream.

Since Covid 19 descended upon the world and continues to be a major factor to all businesses success or decline, there have been considerable disputes arising within the Real Estate industry, and other businesses, that need continuous arbitration.

Effectively managing disputes through Business Mediation reduces legal and administrative costs to free up management time for more productive purposes.

Businesses have also discovered how cost-effective mediation can be in resolving disputes which interfere with productivity or negatively effect employee morale.

Karin is a Nationally Accredited Mediator and has proven experience in Mediating cases in the dispute resolution area. Nathan is also a Nationally Accredited Mediator.


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